About me

I am a doctor and a mother of two kids. I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, but grew up in Poland. During my medical studies at Medical University in Lodz I met Dr Nida Chenagtsang, an outstanding Tibetan doctor who has changed my view on medical science and became my constant inspiration. Thus I completed studies of traditional Tibetan medicine paralelly to Western medicine.

I was trained on internships in Tibetan hospitals in Dharamsala, India, and Tibet, Amdo province. I keep learning functional medicine online with Dr Kresser, Dr Hyman, and Dr Gotfried from US.

Love brought me to Prague, Czech Republic. There I worked at the gastroenterology department in Motol hospital, but after the birth of kids I opened my privite alternative practice. 

I founded Czech and Polish branches of Sorig Khang International, in Czechia under the name of Akademie tradiční tibetské medicíny.

I was always fascinated by meditation and mind work. It especially helped me in difficult times of my life. I hope that through my experiences I will be able to help also you on your way to health and happiness.