Time-tested Wisdom in the 21. Century

Addressing a person as a whole is crucial for lasting health and well-being. Without identification of the root causes, one cannot really cure. This is what has in common Traditional Tibetan and modern Functional Medicines.  Both search the real causes of the disorder, be it stress, unsuitable diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, or an intricate combination of the above. Both have similars goals, but use different approaches. 

Sowa Rigpa - Traditional Tibetan and Himalayan Medicine 

Sowa rigpa in Tibetan literally means Healing Science. Its another translation is Nourishment of Awareness, so it short it is the way to physical and mental health, health and happiness.

Tibetan medicine has almost 4,000 years of experience in the treatment and prevention of illnesses. And nowadays it is paradoxically even more applicable than ever before. It is very helpful in resolving so-called civilization diseases. What I love about it is that it gives us the tools how we can help ourselves if we listen to our body and environment and respect its needs.

The Tibetan holistic view on a person includes mind, physical body, and energy, bridging the first two levels. According to TTM, the basis for physical and mental health is balance at all three levels. It encompasses the theory of the 5 Elements both from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, and teaches how to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

In diagnostic methods it uses palpation, observation, and taking medical history. By touch the doctor measures the patients pulse and diagnostic points. Observation includes the body, in particular the sense organs, and the urine. Getting to know the person by taking medical history is indispensable for finding the root causes of the imbalance.  

The treatment methods are clasiffied into 4 groups:

  • correcting diet
  • adjusting lifestyle
  • taking herbs and food suplements
  • external therapies (acupuncture, massage, cupping, bloodletting, moxa, sauna and more)
  • mental health methods - meditation, mantra, yoga 

You can read more about Traditional Tibetan Medicine at www.sorig.net

Functional Medicine

It is a rapidly evolving field of classical Western medicine, its evolution which better addresses the needs of the 21st century. It is based on research and scientific evidence. Alike Sowa Rigpa, Functional Medicine seeks true causes of illness and does not only try to eliminate the symptoms of disease. It solves not only the isolated list of health symptoms, but takes into account the interaction of all possible factors that can affect the health condition in a complex and long-term perspective. 

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